Here comes the Pinky Ponk

How did you spend your Friday night? Oh, that sounds nice. Me? Well, I attempted to make a Pinky Ponk. Yes, this is my life now. Actually, even pre-baby my Friday nights were not very exciting so perhaps this is an improvement – I was at least being productive.

My first attempt at a Pinky Ponk.
My first attempt at a Pinky Ponk.

The reason for this sudden attempt at crafting is that I would like to try and get my daughter’s birthday mentioned on Cbeebies. It’s not until the end of August but having never made a birthday card before I thought I should get a head start. I went for In The Night Garden because she is transfixed by it. As an aside, before I was pregnant I would never have dreamed of letting her watch tv at this age but it’s been added to a growing list (sleeping in the same bed, using a dummy…) of things I have back tracked on now I am a parent. Not that she watches very much. Usually we watch a bit in the morning while I eat my breakfast, a little more at lunchtime and then the Bedtime Hour, which really seems to calm her down. Previously I was reading to her but it just seemed to get her stirred up so now we have lots of reading time during the day and weird old In The Night Garden before bed. I know I’m not an eight month old baby and I’m not supposed to find it entertaining but I just don’t get it. And if I think too hard about what is actually going on I give myself a headache so I try and only half watch it so it doesn’t mess with my brain.


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